Life Skills Courses - Life Skills Training Courses - Financial Life Skills

Life Skills Courses - Life Skills Training Courses - Financial Life Skills

Life Skill Courses

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1. Financial Life Skills
2. Clean and disinfect food production areas
4. Generic life skills
5. Hygiene & Personal Grooming
6. Warehouse Course

This course will enable learners to have an understanding and know how to successfully manage personal finances and apply a commitment to become financially independent but managing a Budget.

Established management theory tells us that while employees are battling to make ends meet, all their energies tend to flow into satisfying their basic physiological and security needs.

This diversion invariably produces a decline in Motivation and Productivity. Apart from these losses employers may also feel the effects by having to provide advances or loans put up with absenteeism and carry the cost of processing garnishee orders.

This learning programme, on how to manage Personal Finances, will equip individuals with the necessary life skills to manage their finances more effectively.

At the end of the programme the learner will have understanding on how to work ethically, how to effectively manage their finances and budget own finances to improve financial wellbeing.

Course Content
  • The Role of money - The relationship individuals have with money
  • Identify ways to achieve personal financial goals
  • Develop and maintain a personal budget and or family budget
  • How to put together and uphold a personal file
  • Understanding Wants and Needs
  • The role of money lenders
  • Garnishee orders
  • The pitfalls when it comes to purchasing a house or second hand car
  • Goal setting (long, medium and short term goals)
  • Understanding Banking institutions
  • Savings / Inflation / Investments
  • Different insurances (short term and long term insurances)
  • How to complete a WILL
  • Understanding your payslip, UIF, PAYE, and other deductions

All of the above Unit Standards cover outcomes which may be appropriate to enhance financial wellbeing of oneself which will contribute positively to society at large. The learner is able to explore opportunities and learn more effectively by understanding the impact of income and expenditure on personal and family budgets.

Delegates are oriented on all the aspects of financial management through lecture, with related audio visuals, case studies & exercises by means of a two day skills training programme

Clean and disinfect food production areas

  • This unit standard will contribute to the full development of the learner in cleaning and food environment for hygiene purposes in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of cleaning and sanitising procedures for food manufacturing equipment and surfaces
  • Clean and sanitise the equipment & End of task procedures
One bacteria can become 1,000,000 in 3 hours & 20 minutes

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